China International Door Industry Exhibition
China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition

March 13-16 ,2024 China International Exhibition Center( Shunyi Hall),Beijing

Exhibition News
CIDE 2021 pre-registration is fully online, come and get the visit card!!!
2020-12-23 09:18:32

After waiting so long, I'm finally meeting you! CIDE 2021, which you are looking forward to, will be held on March 7-10, 2021 at Beijing Shunyi New International Exhibition!

Excited heart shaking hands, this moment we wait too long!

Throughout the development of global epidemic situation, the domestic epidemic situation has entered the stage of normalized prevention and control, we know! This is the result of our joint efforts and cooperation. This achievement has not come easily.

In 2021, to provide a safe, orderly and efficient exhibition platform for exhibitors and visitors, and ensure the safe and smooth progress of the exhibition. According to the requirements of the joint defense and control mechanism of the State Council, the CIDE 2021 pre registration system will be fully upgraded with the function of "real name registration"officially launched!

How to enter the exhibition site?

You need the following steps!

1.Real name pre registration to obtain admission QR code

You can pre register on wechat before viewing the exhibition.Pay attention to the official service number of "cide Beijing customized home & door Exhibition", or fill in the pre registration information through the PC terminal of the official website of the exhibition to obtain the admission QR code.For the convenience of admission, you can save the screenshots.

2.Bring your ID card to the exhibition site

Admission with original ID card (electronic version and copy are invalid)You will not be able to enter the venue without carrying them! Please make sure that the pre registered ID card and other information are consistent with the visitors themselves!

3.Show Beijing health treasure,and Communication trip code,green code pass

WeChat small program / Alipay, search "Beijing health treasure" and “Communication trip code”, show green to enter.


√ lease fill in your real name, mobile phone number and other information;

√ after the pre registration, please take a screenshot and keep the QR code properly;

√ Temporary entry overseas people must provide nucleic acid test report and Quarantine Release Notice, show their passport and take photos for record before they can get entry certificate.

√ in order to ensure the safety and accuracy of your information, you must register with your own real name, and the site will adopt double verification of pre registration and ID card to match the formula with yourself;

√ The e-card is valid during the exhibition period and can be admitted 3 times a day. Please do not share the e-card with others.

Have you registered? If you haven't registered yet?

What are you waiting for? Come and register!

1. Official account of WeChat public.

Step 1: scan the QR code below, pay attention to the official micro signal of "cide Beijing custom home & door Exhibition", and click "I want to visit" in the lower left corner to go to the registration page. Submit completed, generate admission QR code, it is recommended to save screen capture, more functions will be surprised~




2. PC official website registration

Step 1: log in【 】, enter the official website of Beijing customized home furnishing industry exhibition.

Step 2: click "audience service → audience pre registration" or click "visit pre registration" on the right side of the page to enter the registration entrance.



3. Invite friends to come

After you have completed the pre registration, click "if you want to invite your colleagues or friends, you can click the" button to generate an invitation to share with your friends or colleagues.


Safe exhibition, no worries

On the spot of 2021, the organizers of the exhibition will formulate a complete prevention and control plan. The exhibition hall will be completely killed. Infrared temperature measurement will be carried out at all four entrances. The exhibition will last for four days, so that exhibitors and visitors can participate in the exhibition without worries.

Admission Trilogy

ID card + pre registration QR code + Beijing health code+Green trip code!

ID card + pre registration QR code + Beijing health code+Green trip code!

ID card + pre registration QR code + Beijing health code+Green trip code!

Say important things several times! Finally, don't forget to wear a mask~


CIDE 2021 has been upgraded. A large number of outstanding enterprises will be on-site displayed. There will be many high-end professional meetings and the presence of big designers. What are you waiting for? No registered friends, please register! 2021.3.7-10, here are the wonderful things you are looking forward to!