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CIDE 2021 Excellent Exhibitor:3D unpainted wooden doors,escort for healthy home life
2020-11-20 11:07:46

In the post epidemic era, it is very important for the industry to recover and smooth trade. CIDE 2021 will be held in Beijing from March 7 to 10, 2021. In 2021, CIDE 2021 will work with enterprises to break the dilemma, open trade channels with the power of the platform, stimulate new vitality of enterprise development, create high-value business cooperation opportunities for both supply and demand sides, and accelerate the construction of a new ecology in the home furnishing industry.

The following are the recommendations of some high-quality exhibitors.




CIDE 2021

Time: March 7, 2021

Booth No.: 1005

3D Home Furnishing Group was founded in 1994. From Germany to China, it always takes "respect for life and respect for health" as the brand's original intention, with "German no paint" as the core technology, from "wooden door" to "customized whole house", it is original This environmental protection technology with national patents is infinitely close to 0 formaldehyde with technology. It has passed the Swiss SGS environmental protection test and meets the higher environmental protection standards of the EU. It is more suitable for families with children aged 0-6. It has been exported to more than 60 countries in Europe and America. It has become a global Healthy choice for 4.5 million+ families.



In 2015, the State Council of China formally approved the "Sino-German Equipment Park" project. The 3D home "Super Smart Factory" was listed in the "Sino-Germany" with German super factories such as BMW, Siemens, and KUKA Robots by virtue of the entire series of German equipment and manufacturing processes. Manufacturing 2025" & "Industry 4.0" demonstration base.


Super smart factory

No paint 5.0 era

Environmental protection upgrade of wooden doors in China

As the pioneer of China's unpainted wooden doors, 3D Home Furnishing Group has introduced "German Unlacquered" to China since its establishment in 1994, and has carried out higher-level environmental protection innovations on the basis of advanced and excellent technology inheritance, and completed Chinese wooden doors An innovative feat of "the first generation of paint-free technology". By 2019, the upgrade of the "four generations of paint-free technology" has been completed. On the first China Wooden Door No Paint Day (May 7) in 2020, an epoch-making innovative technology-the fifth generation of paint free technology was released.

Highlights of the fifth-generation paint-free technology

1. Food grade environmental protection upgrade

 The newly upgraded skin-friendly food-grade substrate is generally equivalent to the environmental protection standards of lunch boxes and tableware, so it is more suitable for children and families.

2. Nanny-level healthy child lock

The BINKE child lock is upgraded again, the new push-pull child lock is available, the two-way push-pull opening method, one touch opens, more suitable for children; in addition, the newly upgraded anti-backlock function is more suitable for children's safety needs.

3. The whole house no paint health system

The release of the paint-free health system for the whole house has given everyone more choices for the application of paint-free products. It can be said that the 360° environmental protection is used to create a healthy home in all directions, and the paint-free living system is opened.


Encounter without paint, children enjoy nature. CIDE 2021, March 7-10, 2021, let us witness the healthy life changes brought by "No Paint" to children's families.

What other environmentally friendly black technologies are on stage in 3D? Let's wait and see~

Winter is coming to an end, warm spring can be expected! March 7-10, 2021, We sincerely invite you to visit 3D unpainted wooden door booth W1005, Looking forward to attending the grand event with you!