China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition
China International Door Industry Exhibition

March 19-22 ,2023 China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

Exhibition News
New home ecology in the post-epidemic era,CIDE 2021 will open in March next year
2020-11-02 16:43:28

At present, domestic epidemic prevention and control has entered the stage of normalization. Unblocking the market cycle and accelerating the industrial recovery are the key driving points to promote economic growth. CIDE 2021 will be held in Beijing on March 7-10, 2021!



The opening of the first show

Accumulate energy to promote smooth trade

In the fierce market competition, industry enterprises are facing major challenges, the CIDE show has gradually grown into a new professional exhibition with the purpose and positioning of "the first show of the new year" which leads the high-end customization trend of China's decoration industry. CIDE, which is endowed with new concepts: customization, innovation, design and energy, better reflects the platform value core of cide Beijing customized home furnishing industry exhibition, which focuses on home design and pursues innovative ideas.

Smooth trade is the top priority for the recovery of the industry. In 2021, as the first domestic re exhibition in the post epidemic era, the CIDE show is still the first show platform of customized home and door industry in 2021. The CIDE show will join hands with enterprises to seize the first opportunity, win the opening, open trade channels with the power of platform, stimulate new vitality of enterprise development, create high-value business cooperation opportunities for both supply and demand sides, and accelerate the construction of a new ecology of home furnishing industry.



The opening of the first show

Accumulate energy to promote smooth trade

Although affected by the epidemic situation to a certain extent, cide 2021 Beijing customized home furnishing door exhibition still maintains a large scale and relatively complete industrial chain. We should not forget the original intention, scientific layout and distinctive features, only to maximize the effectiveness of the exhibition.

The exhibition has decided to open out of the venue pavilions. The 9 theme pavilions still have a large exhibition area of 130000 square meters, and will continue to have four exhibition features: customized home, wooden doors, high-end entry / non wood doors / new doors and windows, and customized industrial chain, covering the main sub categories of the whole industry chain of customization & doors, from customized wooden doors and luxury door to customized wardrobe, cabinet, bookcase and wine cabinet Then to the whole house customization, whole wood customization, overall home furnishing, auxiliary materials and equipment... Gradually strengthen the high-end exhibition and trade docking platform integrating new products, new designs, new equipment, new technologies and new materials, so as to promote the continuous upgrading of all links in the industrial chain.

CIDE closely follows the dual core positioning of customization and door industry, gathers all kinds of exhibition in the industry, and gathers 1000 + domestic high-quality brands. It will provide one-stop and efficient B2B business mutual selection solution to achieve win-win situation for exhibitors and visitors, and bring new enlightenment for the development direction of the industry!


Practical measures focus on Effectiveness

Landing publicity, seizing the home market

After the epidemic, business opportunities are not waiting. CIDE 2021 Beijing home furnishing Home Furnishing Exhibition has doubled its input, mobilized different dimensions of publicity resources, launched a series of effective market initiatives to promote invitation, lock in exhibition million data, promote key customer SMS SMS, focus on core data phone calls, tiktok, media integration, targeted channel advertising, exhibition dynamic interval release, and shake out. , high exposure of new media matrix, SEM Search Engine Optimization

At the same time, the exhibition actively innovates the exhibition mode, develops online service platform, focuses on the professional audience in the industry, speeds up the publicity of participating enterprises before the exhibition, and fully exposes and guides the exhibition.



nnovative design of hot Summit

Wonderful activities create charming "stage"

In order to build a brand-new charm stage for exhibitors and visitors, cide pays equal attention to business and industrial culture innovation During the period of 2021 Beijing customized home furnishing and door industry exhibition, a number of activities jointly organized by exhibition organizers, industry media, industry associations and other authoritative platforms and institutions will be staged in turn, focusing on the hot sections such as customized space and product design, industry hot spot sharing, brand marketing practical skills, authoritative interpretation of market trend, etc. The activities with various highlights and new forms of interpretation boost the active development of customized home and door industry in different dimensions.

Activity 1: 2021 China home digital economy industry Internet Summit Forum

China's top 100 home furnishing brands

Activity 2: 2021 China customized large home furnishing industry innovation Summit

Activity 3: the way to upgrade the digital live marketing of home building materials industry

Activity 4: 2021 China wooden door integrated marketing forum and golden pineapple award ceremony of Chinese home furnishing brand

Activity 5: 2020 award ceremony of top 10 Chinese wooden door brands

Activity 6: 2021 cross boundary aesthetics · future home and wood color aesthetics Award Presentation Ceremony

Activity 7: Design - dream space - customized home design exhibition

(subject to the exhibition site)



Safety exhibition service improvement

Real name registration, safe Exhibition

In order to ensure the safety of the participants, cide 2021 organizers spare no effort to organize the exhibition, and at the same time improve the service of the exhibition, at the same time, do a sufficient and complete prevention and control plan. This exhibition will fully implement the real name authentication of visit registration, and the site must bring the original ID card + pre registration QR code to enter the exhibition.

Infrared temperature measurement area is set at the entrance area of the exhibition hall, and participants must cooperate with temperature measurement and wear masks. At the same time, the exhibition hall carries out comprehensive disinfection, ventilation and ventilation to provide a safe and healthy exhibition environment for the participants. From March 7 to 10, 2021, the four-day gold exhibition period will make exhibitors and visitors feel at ease in trade and have no worries.


1000 + high quality exhibitors on the same stage

There are business opportunities and customization trends,

4-day gold exhibition and trade period,

Achieve a win-win situation for exhibitors and visitors.

Winter is coming to an end, and warm spring can be expected!

7-10 March 2021,

Beijing, China International Exhibition Center,

Long time no see! Looking forward to meeting!