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March 19-22 ,2023 China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

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Postponement Notice of China International Door Industry Exhibition China International Integrated Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition (CIDE 2020)
2020-11-02 15:07:19

Dear exhibitors, visitors and partners,

In view of the current situation of Beijing's new crown epidemic prevention and control, in order to ensure the life health and safety of exhibitors and visitors of the 19th China International Door Industry Exhibition and 7th China International Integrated Home Furnishing Exhibition (CIDE 2020) , and to avoid or reduce the loss of economic benefits as much as possible, our company decision: postpone the CIDE 2020 until March  March 7-10, 2021.


In the six months since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in January this year, and then in the global scope, as the organizer of CIDE 2020, our company has always strictly implemented the requirements of the policy for epidemic prevention and control, and accordingly adjusted the schedule of CIDE 2020. In such a difficult situation, we always keep close communication with exhibitors and venue parties, and your understanding and support is a great inspiration to us.


We will turn gratitude into the driving force for our efforts, continue to actively cooperate with the unified deployment of national epidemic prevention and fighting, put the life and health of the people first, and at the same time, we will make the best use of all resources to implement the national call for resumption of work. Although this year's exhibition can't come on time, we will still build a communication channel for exhibitors and buyers through innovation of online promotion mode of the exhibition, provide online business platform with functions such as live broadcast on the line, invitation and negotiation, and help exhibitors and buyers to continuously trade and cooperate.


Thank you for your understanding, support and attention from all exhibitors and visitors. For the arrangement and online value-added services after the postponement of CIDE 2020, please consult our project team.


Sincerely Yours!



CIEC GL events (Beijing) International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

June 18, 2020