China International Door Industry Exhibition
China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition

March 13-16 ,2024 China International Exhibition Center( Shunyi Hall),Beijing

Exhibition News
CIDE2020: 130,000 square meters, looking at home from a larger perspective
2020-07-01 16:07:55

Cross Mountains and mountains to see you,Why can't we always refuse the charm of the exhibition?The reasons that are often heard are as follows:XX, XX brand to participate in the exhibition, must go to see in person;There are a lot of supporting activities on the official website, so two are particularly attractive to me;XXXX site merchants 60% off, we have to go to understand the situationThe so-called layman watch the bustle, the layman watch the doorway,Paid time and money, not only to meet at the exhibition,That's the real reason to see the show:

Look at the trend

Enjoy the idea

The exhibition platform provides the possibility to expand the Perspective

CIDE2020 is a professional exhibition focusing on the field of integrated customized home furnishings. As the "first show of the year" leading the high-end customization trend of China's decoration industry, customization, innovation, design and energy are the four dimensions to be embodied and interpreted by CIDE2020. Integrated customized home furnishings and the interior door are the main exhibits of CIDE2020.

Integrated home——

Custom home——

More than 1000 enterprises gathered, 160000 professional visitors visited, countless product displays, sparking thinking collisions, which are the unique characteristics and advantages of the exhibition.


Look at the trend: when the exhibition returns to the exchange itself

——Why do many things can be seen on the Internet, or do so many people go to the exhibition?

——The exhibition is more like a large-scale offline exchange and sharing meeting.  

In addition to the business functions such as distribution agent purchase and order, many people neglect another very important function of the exhibition platform: on-site communication. Through multi-party exchanges, understand the industry market information.

All parties of household related industries, including manufacturers, distribution agents, designers, design agencies, real estate developers, decoration engineering companies, media, consumers, etc., have formed a connection, exchanged information, shared experience, and obtained first-hand industry information during the exhibition.

The quantity change causes the quality change. The large-scale assembly of more than 1000 enterprises at cide2020 Beijing customized household door industry exhibition will not only be the brand show, but also extend to the presentation of the latest development trend of the customized household industry.

This is an important channel for insiders to understand the trend of the industry, to see the trend of customized home style, to learn the most fashionable home color scheme, to experience the system application of the latest intelligent technology in customized home, to grasp the market direction of customized home, to establish or join a communication community in the field of customized home segmentation... This multi angle observation and participation is the significance of visiting the exhibition.




Site picture of CIDE2019


Enjoy the idea: enjoy the freedom of thought in the exhibition

Although the information is no longer closed, there are a lot of closed doors. The hardest step is often the first step in making a change of mind.

At the exhibition site, the new household products, booth building style, customized space full of design sense, designer works exhibition, attractive investment promotion and preferential activities are very attractive. At the same time, we should also think about the ingenuity and reform behind these appearances.

During the period of CIDE2019, we saw a lot of changes in the space style of the whole house customized home for many participating brands. Does the change show that the product positioning and target consumer audience of the enterprise are different from before?

We have seen the application of new materials and new intelligent manufacturing technology in customized household products. Can this innovation reflect the importance of exhibitors in technology research and development and household design?

We have seen the adjustment of brand investment promotion areas and new requirements for agents. Can this be regarded as that exhibitors have made clear plans for their own development strategies in the short term or for a long time in the future?

We have seen a new combination of different materials in customized household products, and we have seen highly humanized furniture after the perfect combination of intelligent technology and design thinking, etc. these very creative new design products reflect the designer's concept height?

During the period of CIDE2020, we will learn from our thoughts and nourishment, truly enter our eyes and hearts, broaden our vision and expand our thinking, let the courage of brand innovation and the wisdom of change of the exhibition, and internalize it as a unique weapon for you to develop your strengths, avoid weaknesses and stride forward on the way of customized home furnishing business.





In addition to business functions and brand integrated marketing functions, CIDE2020 wants to provide a broader perspective, through which to see home furnishings, so as to give all groups participating in the exhibition a kind of internal power, which will guide customized home furnishing manufacturers, distribution agents, and even media masses to explore the power to stimulate their own innovation and growth, and further promote the realization of small and large To the new development of customized home and door industry.

On March 9-12, 2020, CIDE2020, we look forward to seeing home from a greater perspective!