China International Door Industry Exhibition
China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition

March 13-16 ,2024 China International Exhibition Center( Shunyi Hall),Beijing

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Home furnishings should be "customized",excellent brands are waiting for you|CIDE 2020 exhibitor spoiler
2020-07-01 16:06:17

How would you choose a small old house in the city or a big one in the suburbs? The city center has convenient life and complete facilities, but the house is too small and the living space is compressed. Suburban houses have plenty of space and pleasant surroundings, but 24 hours a day, the time spent on transportation may have been 3 hours.

It's really hard to choose. However, time is money. It's better to live in a small place than to waste time on transportation. This is probably the consumption concept of most young people at present. What's more, no matter how old, dilapidated or small the houses in the city are, with the help of the following well known brands, we can customize our home, and the old, dilapidated and small houses will also have a new look.

With customized home furnishing and trend leading, CIDE 2020 has attracted more than 1000 customized home furnishing enterprises to participate in the exhibition, with big brands appearing in different styles. The following brands (ranking in no particular order) are some exhibitors that will appear in cide from March 9 to 12, 2020.

Xinbaite wooden door, customized

Quality and scientific customization

Booth No.: E1009

Why do you choose Xinbaite?

Unique scientific customization!

Whenever and wherever you meet xinbaite, we will find that we always pay attention to the appearance, quality, function and value of our products, and are always committed to providing you with the best designed home furnishings. There are more than 1200 xinbaite stores in China. For 20 years, they have been adhering to the spirit of enthusiasm and focus, providing you with thoughtful and thoughtful services.



Quality standard for 60 years

570000 scientific experiments

3 million users




100% environmental protection raw materials

Global preferred supplier of xinbaite

Adopt strict global environmental protection standards




Sticking to scientific customization for 20 years

Cooperation with three famous design institutions in the world

20 years of scientific use of every inch of the home space



Gunuo Home

Stick to the quality

Booth No.: w1010


固诺 0.jpg


Gunuo home furnishing brand was founded in 2007. In 2012, it focused on the whole house board wood customization. It was one of the early pioneers in the whole house customization industry in China.

 固诺 1.jpg

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Gu Nuo pays homage to the classic home furnishings, respects the historical precipitation, leaves its meaning and shape, and designs life aesthetics with key elements and simple color system. The products include: customized whole house, wall panel, wooden door, sliding door. It is a comprehensive modern integrated home furnishing service provider in China. It has three material systems: plank wood, laminating (covering, laminating) and plank; three series of eight styles: enjoyment, ins and fashion.

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In 2018, Tang Yan was officially signed as brand new image ambassador to jointly open a new round of brand upgrading, set up more than 500 chain stores nationwide, and set up marketing network in most provincial, prefecture level cities and first, second and third tier cities nationwide, radiating the national market.

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With factory, large-scale, B2C personalized intelligent manufacturing as the main operation service mode, Gunuo provides personalized customized home solutions and services for hundreds of thousands of users all over the country. It started the information-based solution road in 2014. After five years of continuous exploration and innovation, it finally completed the information-based intelligent manufacturing system to support the rapid development of Gunuo home in recent years.


Panpan Wood Group

Pan Pan lives and works in peace at home

Booth No.: W1016

National brand, shine our China. Panpan wood industry group is a large-scale professional door and window enterprise in China, which integrates interior set door, alloy door, science and technology health door, whole house customization, whole house decoration, research and development, production and sales of wood products.

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Panpan wood industry group continues to optimize and integrate the supply, R & D, manufacturing and sales value chain. Its business unit has expanded from a single wood door business to science and technology health door business, fire door business, aluminum alloy door business, wood floor business and special locks business and many other fields.

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Panpan wood group pursues the production picture of craftsman quality, and constantly transmits the brand concept of Panpan wood door of "integrity, responsibility, enterprising, innovation and facing the future".

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盼盼 6.jpg

With military standards, modern technology and special environmental protection materials, Panpan wood industry group has condensed excellent product quality. Its products are characterized by humanized design, exquisite technical attainments, scientific structure and easy installation, concise modeling, unique style, harmonious natural materials, environmental protection, health and deformation, etc., which are trusted and praised by users at home and abroad The venue enjoys a high reputation and has won the distinguished position of "Panpan wooden door" top ten famous brands in China.

Good material, good door! Wooden doors should be environmentally friendly, or look forward to it! National service hotline 4008908281



When we pay more attention to what the customized household and customized wooden door manufacturers are doing, we will find that many problems of home decoration can be solved naturally. When we really come to the experience site of Beijing customized household door industry exhibition of CIDE 2020, we will also be closer to the dream home decoration design in centrifugal. Highlight the custom trend, inspire the design inspiration, CIDE2020 million new products are waiting for you to discover!