China International Door Industry Exhibition
China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition

March 13-16 ,2024 China International Exhibition Center( Shunyi Hall),Beijing

Exhibition News
CIDE 2020: a custom home tour of fashion trend,waiting for you to participate
2020-07-01 16:04:54

In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, the customized home furnishing industry has developed continuously, healthily, rapidly and stably. With many enterprises' customized products becoming more and more mature, more and more consumers choose customized home products. At the same time, more and more enterprises also join the customization army, expanding from single category products to customized home product line.

According to relevant figures, the development of China's customized home furnishing industry has grown by an average of 15% - 20%. The number of production enterprises has grown from more than 10 in 1994 to more than 1000 at present, and there are more than 100 large-scale enterprises. The top 50 sales accounts for more than 30% of the whole industry. At present, the utilization rate of domestic customized household products is 5% (including customized wardrobe, customized cabinet, etc.), and the annual demand of domestic customized household products is expected to remain at about 5 million sets.

As a high-quality exhibition platform to display customized home furnishing / door industry and enterprises in the whole industry chain, CIDE 2020 will be held on March 9-12, 2020 in the new China International Exhibition Center, the largest exhibition hall in Beijing!


The new strategic upgraded CIDE 2020, with a total scale of 130000 square meters, will start with a new attitude. As one of the core exhibition areas of the exhibition, the customized home furnishing exhibition area will be composed of hall E1, hall E2 and hall E3. This exhibition area will present the latest customized trend of China's customized home furnishing high-quality brand original design, unique features, ingenuity and intelligent manufacturing.

Here, you will see a series of fashionable household fashion products and space surprises such as the whole house customization, the whole house decoration, the whole wood customization and other customized household products (wardrobe, cabinet, wine cabinet, wall panel, stair, study, tatami, cloakroom).

Whole house customization

No customization, no life. In recent years, the whole house custom consumption has become a backbone of the market. Compared with the traditional furniture, the whole house customization fully embodies the personalized design, meets the personalized needs of consumers, combines with consumer habits to create a home environment, realizes the real whole house and whole category customization, and provides consumers with comprehensive, one-stop, personalized and high-quality home customization solutions, while making the most of the space.

CIDE 2020 customized exhibition area will gather a large number of all house customized household brands, which extend from the traditional door and window, wardrobe, cabinet and other subdivisions to the whole house, and innovate design and enrich product lines on the original basis. From the fashionable new Chinese style to the simple Nordic style, from the American countryside to the German classic, from the luxurious European and American to the Chinese heritage, it will show a whole house customized feast.



Whole wood customization

The whole wood customized household products have two characteristics: one is made of pure natural wood, natural and environmental protection; the other is personalized customization, which can meet the personalized needs of consumers. The whole wood customization emphasizes the innovation and application of materials, integrates environmental protection technology and home aesthetics, and embodies the life style of personalized trend.

CIDE 2020, the whole wood customization enterprise will display the dazzling functional space, the ultimate storage, distinctive features and brilliant colors, and will show the trend space of the design trend for the participants.



Full aluminum customization

All aluminum home whole house customization is a newly emerging category. It is an all aluminum home customization solution integrating customized aluminum home design and installation services. It can be made according to the needs of consumers, including all aluminum wardrobe, all aluminum bookcase, all aluminum wine cabinet, all aluminum shoe cabinet, etc. As all aluminum household products are waterproof, moisture-proof and fire-proof, improving the safety of home, and gradually gaining the favor of consumers.

In next year's CIDE exhibition, many all aluminum household products will be displayed in a unified way, which will open a new experience for you.



In the future, the development of customized home furnishing will be more refined, and the exploration in product design, innovative technology, after-sales service and other aspects will be more detailed; at the same time, environmental protection will always be an important topic for enterprises.

On March 9-12, 2020, what kind of surprises will be brought to the industry by CIDE 2020 ? What kind of customized household fashion feast will you have? Let's see!