China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition
China International Door Industry Exhibition

March 19-22 ,2023 China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

Exhibition News
Steady evolution, you may not understand the CIDE show
2020-07-01 16:03:19

For more than 40 years, GL events SA has grown from a foundation to an international convention and exhibition group with an annual revenue of more than 8 billion yuan. Under the banner of GL events SA, the CIDE show built by CIEC GL events is constantly accelerating its international development process. As a vane and booster leading the industry development, CIDE2020, what are the basic profiles of this exhibition that you must know? Don't miss the opportunity to find business development because you don't understand.

For many years, the CIDE show has focused on efficient exhibition and trade effects. It not only attracts the first-line brands of the industry to show their swords, but also is a fertile soil for many emerging brands, medium-sized enterprises and even small enterprises to seek enterprise development and draw growth nutrients for themselves. CIDE2020, diversified and colorful, with different lights, can meet the needs of different levels of exhibition, and bring customized home furnishing and door industry business opportunities for visitors.

CIDE: door industry + home dual core event

The CIDE show is the largest and most professional door industry exhibition in China and even in the world. It has witnessed many star like door industry brands. If you sing and I come on the stage, if you count the development history of China's door industry in detail, the CIDE show will surely leave a strong mark in the history of China's door industry development.

With the expansion of domestic door enterprises and the trend of customized home furnishing consumption, door enterprises expand their product lines to develop into full house customized enterprises, which has achieved the exhibition attribute of both CIDE China International Door Industry Exhibition and China International Integrated custom Home Furnishing Exhibition. On March 9-12, 2020, you will see 2020 The 7th China Integrated Custom Home Furnishing Exhibition & The 19th China International Door Industry Exhibition. Door industry + home furnishing, in CIDE2020, will show you not only the on-site competitive show of Chinese door industry brands, but also the colorful customized home furnishing products.

Features: customization + door + industry matching

Custom + wooden door area is the core exhibit of 50% of CIDE2020, covering an exhibition area of 60000 square meters, with the overall home decoration. Customized household products, including wardrobe, cupboard, wallboard, stair, study, tatami, cloakroom, wooden door and other products, will be displayed on a large scale, seeking for agent brand, observing product technology, experiencing trend of household style, peer exchange and discussion. During the annual exhibition, we will The "made + wooden door" exhibition area is the key area for business and trade docking, industrial research and media exposure.


The non wooden door area is a display area where cide is constantly trying new forms of exhibition. High-end entrance doors, courtyard doors, indoor non wooden doors, new doors and windows, smart home system, sunshine room, guardrail fence, etc. will appear, which will provide more interactive space for smart home, blend the latest door control technology and smart home system, and constantly meet the needs of decoration companies and consumers. And the practical needs of relevant professional audiences such as engineering projects.

Industrial supporting areas focus on hardware lock control, environmental protection coating, accessories and auxiliary materials, automatic control technology, deep processing equipment, home manufacturing equipment, automatic complete production and processing equipment, etc. this area completes the exhibition connotation of the CIDE show + home industry chain, providing visitors and even exhibitors with interaction with upstream and downstream customized home production enterprises. Rich channels for dynamic communication and docking.

Highlight: brand + zone

CIDE2020 has a total exhibition area of 130000 square meters and over 1000 exhibitors. Brands such as customized, wooden, non wooden, hardware coating, intelligent manufacturing equipment, etc. are gathered. The first focus of CIDE2020 is the same gathering of all kinds of brands. It is worth planning the route carefully at that time.

Another thing to remind you is that CIDE2020 has added special exhibition areas highlighting different ideas, including product design, practical application of new technology on wooden doors, new materials, new functions, etc., and more special topics are still in the process of preparation and planning. On March 9-11, 2020, the task of exploring the treasures in the exhibition area will be given to you.