China International Integrated and Customised Home Furnishing Exhibition
China International Door Industry Exhibition

March 19-22 ,2023 China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

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CIDE 2020: focus on customized home B2B efficient trade and mutual selection
2020-07-01 16:02:06

From distributors to production enterprises, from real estate, decoration, trading companies to product manufacturers, home-related raw and auxiliary materials suppliers, more than 90% of the professional audience ratio greatly guarantees the core platform functions of the CIDE show in commodity trade, channel construction and brand promotion.


CIDE2019 audience professional nature

During CIDE 2019 in March this year, the Shangpin Bense wooden door in the E1 Hall achieved a proud record of 23 hours'signing, which impressed the industry. The help of the CIDE show was like a sharp sword, which makes the market expansion of participating brands more smooth.

CIDE pays attention to exhibitor effect

Provide efficient B2B business mutual selection solutions

In any industry, dealers and brands are two-way choices. From the point of view of the customized home industry, due to the supply cycle, product price, after-sales service, local consumption capacity, product style, etc., dealers may need to adjust the business brand; at the same time, due to corporate development strategy, corporate management , corporate culture, brand tonality, etc., production brands may also need to re-select dealers;

The free choice and adjustment of both dealers and production companies is a positive and absolutely positive change. The CIDE show is focused on tapping the needs of both parties, using large-scale market distribution, advertising, targeted invitations, etc. The form attracts the home sales stores from the first-tier cities to the county towns and towns, the professional dealers of street-side stores, and the heads of real estate decoration trading companies to visit and negotiate. At the same time, they invite and collect more than 1,000 brands of Chinese custom home and door industry. , providing efficient B2B business mutual selection solutions.


CIDE2020 exhibition area distribution


CIDE2019 exhibition scene


Suitable is the best

Build your hard currency at CIDE2020

A brand sofa sells well in Quanzhou, Fujian, but sells badly in Shenzhen. What is the reason? The factory leaders are also very puzzled. Why are the same products not available in Shenzhen? Through the market visits and interviews with employees in the store, the answer was found. The original mainstream apartment in Quanzhou was a large living room, requiring large size of the product. The size of the brand sofa is very suitable for Quanzhou, and Shenzhen is generally a small apartment (with high prices) Very big relationship) The living room is relatively small. Large-size sofas simply can't fit. If the dealer does not understand the mainstream type of the local community, and rashly distributes the first-hand products, one factor may not be considered comprehensively, which may be a failure case.

It’s certainly not the approach that smart home-based dealers will take. A smart custom home sales agent must be the frog that jumps out of warm water. Consider a variety of factors, such as whether the product is too high-end, the target consumer group is small, and there is no market price? Or the product design is too advanced, and the consumption trend in the market where it is located is lagging behind, making it difficult for consumers to accept it for a while? Or is the product suitable for the market but the lead time is too long, and the consumer's reservation awareness is weak, or do not buy it? ......

After comprehensive consideration, finally find the agent brand that best suits your market and grow with the brand.


CIDE2020 is newly positioned as the  “the 1st show of the year”, leading the high-end custom trend of China decoration industry. Customization, Innovation, Design, Energy, 130,000 square meters of exhibition area, more than 1,000 exhibitors The brand, which is expected to have more than 160,000 professional visitors, CIDE2020, provides a one-stop efficient B2B business mutual selection solution.

Category integration is the mainstream trend of the current custom home brand development. Correspondingly, the multi-category integrated business model needs new channels to take root and grow. CIDE's business-to-peer selection solution will also be a fertile soil for nourishing the new retail model of home. 

Everything is happening, everything is unknown, and efficient, just in CIDE2020!