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March 19-22 ,2023 China International Exhibition Center( NCIEC),Beijing

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CIDE 2020: let the power of innovation continue to be released
2020-07-01 16:00:12

Introduction: More than 100 years ago, Kang Youwei described the dream of innovation in the book "Datong": "The innovator is the sage, the innovator is the wisdom, and the innovator is the wisdom", so that the whole society "is innovative, no other ambition, no other thinking"; Today, since the 18th National Congress of the Party, innovation and development has been constantly by. In the first place of the new development concept...

At present, the market is fiercely competitive and the situation is grim. Take the home industry as an example, technological innovation, industrial innovation, sports innovation... all walks of life are constantly innovating.Innovation drives development, but it is not simply to say, but to think constantly in the past, to find new ways to solve problems, to seek new ideas for development, and to grasp the new vision of opportunities.


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Platform is the incubator of innovation. The CIDE show is a professional platform focusing on channel development, business docking, brand promotion and concept exchange of Custom Home Enterprises. It is also an active promoter of innovation and development of the industry.


CIDE 2020 is comprehensively innovative, and proposes a new concept of CIDE with “customization, design, innovation and vitality” as the core, and will create “brand promotion, channel construction, commodity trade, design exchange, trend release” as the exhibition. The property is leading the "first-year show" of the high-end custom trend of the Chinese decorative industry.

It is the power of innovation that drives us forward.

CIDE 2020 event debut

- innovation -

In 2020, CIDE 2020,which has been given a new concept, will continue to release the power of “innovation”. The organizers of the exhibition will jointly organize various industry associations, and Tencent Home, Sina Home and other authoritative media to hold a special event area at the exhibition site. A series of innovative activities. In the 4 days of the exhibition, there are a lot of highlights, and the highlights of the event, the new form of interpretation, will build the ultimate "stage" for participants to share ideas, innovative thinking and trends.

"First encounter 20" brand recommendation activity

"First encounter 20" brand recommendation activity is one of the first series of activities of CIDE 2020 Beijing Custom Home Door Industry. It aims to increase the performance of the show's first show and lead the innovation and development of customized home door and window industry, and witness the charm of China's custom home door and window brand.

In this event, we set up five recommended categories: “New Trends of New Products, Excellent New Designs, Excellent New Technologies, New Materials, and New Innovations”, and set up a display area at CIDE 2020.The event will recommend the top 20 brands, products or cases in each category, which will fully demonstrate the brand charm and fully support the brand to usher in the quality leap and improvement in the aspects of design thinking, trend leading, technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing.


2020 China Custom Residential Industry Innovation Summit

At present, the overall growth rate of the household industry is declining, the blind transformation of enterprises and the acceleration of category expansion; the serious homogeneity of products; the weak sense of brand shaping; the single channel layout.... How to promote the transformation and upgrading to solve the pain points of enterprises, how to use innovative thinking to build a new way of development, how to form a full channel accommodation under the industry of everybody's residence. It has become a topic that the industry and enterprises are constantly exploring.

This event is jointly organized by Youju, Tencent Home and CIDE 2020 and China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association Wood Door and Window Professional Committee. It will be held on the first day of the opening of CIDE 2020 Beijing Custom Home Door Industry and on the afternoon of March 9, 2020. Deep interpretation of industry trends, customized household industry champion dialogue, on-site speculation, will bring new thinking to promote industry innovation and development.


The final activity is on-site,more exciting activities are expected.

On March 9-12, 2020, China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi New Hall)of Beijing. CIDE 2020 will gather the first-line brand of customized home door industry, and will build multi-dimensional innovation products of products, design, technology, materials and functions. , experience and cooperation platform, constantly release the power of innovation!

Home trends, innovative ideas. Wonderful worthy of being looked forward to!