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March 13-16 ,2024 China International Exhibition Center( Shunyi Hall),Beijing

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Chunxiao Design Works Exhibition, focus on product design
2020-07-01 18:26:35

This summer's continuous high temperature makes people have to repeatedly lament that air conditioning is really the greatest invention of human beings in the 20th century, the arrival of cool weather has become the most eagerly awaited. After the upgrade, CIDE 2020 takes "the 1st show of the year" as the core function of the platform.

In order to show the charm of the home in multiple dimensions, the exhibition organizers will create a series of first-year show activities in the process of secret planning. “Chunxiao Design Works Exhibition” has brought many expectations to everyone’s hot summer heat.


What is“Chun Xiao”?

"Chunxiao" is taken from "Chunxiao", which means "knowing and knowing" at dawn of spring. It also represents the attitude of "Chun" of the University of Product Design and Bai Xiaodong, the product planner.

"Chunxiao Design Works Exhibition" will be exhibited in the W1 International Brands & Domestic Well-recognized Brands of CIDE 2020. As the flagship exhibition area carrying the functions of "Industry Brand Demonstration", "Home Design Leadership" and "Frontier Trend Release", the W1 Brand Hall will be the focus of media and the focus of industry.

Design Towards Stage Center of Home Industry

According to the latest industry development data, from January to May this year, 6,288 enterprises with furniture scale and above achieved a cumulative business income of 270.509 billion yuan, an increase of 3.74% over the same period last year; the cumulative total profit of 15.547 billion yuan, an increase of 13.50% over the same period last year; and the cumulative export of 22.648 billion dollars, an increase of 4.14% over the same period last year. China has become the world's largest producer, exporter and consumer of furniture. Furniture industry has been growing steadily.

Seeking high-quality development of China's household industry will focus more capital resources on home design, which further promotes the trend of home design. As the first show to lead the trend of customized home in China, it is the fundamental attribute of the platform to build a stage for designers to display and exchange, and to highlight the future trend of home design.

Design is not only gradually moving towards the stage center of China's household industry, but also the focus of CIDE 2020 the first show platform in the year.


Focus on Product Design

"Chunxiao Design Works Exhibition" focuses on home product design. Product design needs to take full account of the changing market demand, while reflecting the innovative ideas of designers, it also needs to balance the pursuit of economic benefits of enterprises.

Sharing salon planned by two teachers, Dachun and Bai Xiaodong, will be held in this theme exhibition area at the same time. Good design can often change the conventional understanding. How to comprehensively enhance product strength and even brand strength after practicing product design procedures, product design methods, product design market orientation and other ideas? Chun Xiao has something to say.

Both Daxie and Bai Xiaodong have cooperated with many excellent enterprises in the home furnishing industry for many years. Some time ago, Dachun, as director of excellent design, made hand-painted creative doors for seven brands: 3D, TATA, Holzer, Jiangshan Oupai, Mengtian, Jindi and Gelinfu, which expressed seven different artistic tastes. A new design thought has been developed.



Youpin Design Director: Da Chun


Objective perspective founder: Bai Xiaodong

For more information about this exhibition and the two teachers, we will sell it to you today, and follow up with more content. Please continue to pay attention to theCIDE 2020.